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how to collect a sample 

Simple steps for using our remote microsampling devices as alternatives to venipuncture or DBS cards.

Blood Collection | Mitra IFU

Our IFU's may be customized to suit your branded colors. Or inquire about having a custom IFU made.

Blood Collection | hemaPEN IFU

hemaPEN® is a microsampling tool that collects 4 volumetrically precise samples from a single source.

hemaPEN Sample Collection 

This video shows the hemaPEN® in action for therapeutic or IVD use in Australia, New Zealand, UK, EU and USA only.

1. Preparation / Set Up-Mitra

It's important to have your blood collection materials within reach, and ready for use to avoid mishaps.

2. Correct/Incorrect Sampling-Mitra 

Minimize your chances of sample rejection. Learn the best way to collect a sample with the Mitra® microsampler.

3. Collecting a Sample-Mitra

Now that you have your materials set, and you know how to properly collect a sample, lets get started!

Preparation / Set-up

Correct / Incorrect Sampling

Taking a Sample

hemaPEN Sample Collection

Instructions For Use | Blood Sampling



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MN-1237-G_RevE hemaPEN IFU (1)-1


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Instructions For Use | Urine Collection

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Saliva Collection | IFU Sample

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Your Microsampling Specialist will help you determine the best microsampling device for your needs, and will help you develop a winning strategy to make the most of this transformative remote specimen collection technology.

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