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VAMS Application | Clinical Testing

Create a streamlined state-of-the-art laboratory workflow and a better patient / participant experience. The Mitra® blood collection device combines the best of wet sampling, dried blood spotting (DBS), and microsampling technology that is simple to use. Get accurate, reliable profiles from micro liters of blood for a variety of analyte types.

  • Case Study:Evaulation of the Mitra Mircosampler for Immunosuppressants Monitoring - At-home microsampling provides transplant recipients an option for self-collecting clinic samples
  • Case Study:Monitoring IGF-1 in Blood Using VAMS -  Specimen collection with a Mitra® device is compatible with downstream immunoassay analyzers.
  • Webinar: Do Dried Blood Samples Have a Place in Clinical Research Labs? - A next-generation blood microsampling device overcomes many DBS challenges
  • Workshop: The Microsampling Workshop | London | 2016 - Review clinical and preclinical research content presented by blood microsampling experts