our alternative to venipuncture gives gold-standard results without traditional blood tubes


Minimally Invasive, Patient-Friendly Specimen Collection

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A patient-friendly alternative to venipuncture blood draws

To better serve pediatric patients, the elderly, and other vulnerable patient populations, leaders in healthcare choose the Mitra® microsampler, a specimen collection device that is a patient-friendly alternative to venipuncture blood draws. Clinicians and researchers prefer the Mitra's Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS®) technology — an advancement on dried blood spot sampling. Mitra® devices offer greater comfort and precision during sample collection, eliminating the challenges of DBS cards. Mitra with VAMS improves the patient experience, streamlines clinical processes, and generates reliable data.

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Download these case studies to see how many leading organizations rely on Mitra with VAMS microsampling technology as the gold-standard in next-generation dried blood spot sampling.

  • Produce bioanalytical results from Mitra® samples that bridge to plasma references
  • Store Mitra® blood specimens at room temperature with excellent stability
  • Enable simple, cost-effective remote sampling for patient monitoring 
  • Collect accurate, precise blood samples without trained clinical staff