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Take TDM out of the clinic with the Mitra® microsampler. Our Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS®) technology enables smarter, simpler, and safer blood sampling.

Welcome to the microsampling revolution. Explore the resource tabs below to find the tools & information you need to kickstart your remote TDM adventure!

The Mitra® Microsampler

Safe, Simple, Precise.



This easy-to-use format has two sampling devices, includes barcoding, and is enclosed in a specimen bag for convenient transport.



This low-budget blood collection format works well for pilot studies, proof-of-concept testing, and clinical research with limited funding.



The 96-autorack enables high throughput sample processing for liquid extractions, analytical method development, and setting up QCs/Calibrators.


Collection Kits

The Clamshell and Cartridge Mitra formats are available packaged in collection kits that include instructions, lancets, and other supplies. Kits can be customized to your needs.

Neoteryx created the Mitra® Microsampler with you in mind.
Whether you are a physician, nurse, patient, lab director, research scientist, clinical trial manager or technician, there is a Mitra Microsampler that will work for you.
We'll help you select the device format that fits you best via a quick conversation with a Microsampling Consultant.

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