Resource Bundles

Image collage of a pediatric research case studies demonstrating the successful application of micro blood specimen collection

Blood Micro Sampling In Pediatric Applications

This resource bundle includes essential information on the successful analysis from collecting small blood volumes in children. Download

Pediatrics Research Case Studies | Clinical Trials | Patient Perspective

image collage of various case studies involving therapeutic drug monitoring accomplished with micro blood specimen collection

Blood Micro Sampling Applications in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

This bundle illustrates how dried blood microsampling facilitates medication adherence and enables collections outside the clinic. Download

Antibiotics | Antipsychotics | Immunosuppressants
graphic collage of case studies examining the similarities between blood collection through capillary blood and whole blood

Capillary Blood Collection vs. Venous Blood Draws | Wet vs. Dry Blood

This resource bundle presents data comparing outcomes of drawing blood from a vein or fingerstick in both dried and wet forms. Download

Comparative Data | Case Studies | DBS Card Alternative
click this image collage to visit our third party case studies that utilize a Micro specimen collection protocol

Preclinical Applications | Blood Micro Sampling Animals

This bundle illustrates how dried blood microsampling can reduce animal use by sevenfold and facilitate consistent, quantitative sample collection. Download

Benefits of Microsampling Animals | Achieving The 3R's 

Clinical Research & Microsampling | Method Applications

This bundle explores blood micro specimen collection in a clinical context. Find out what 10-20 µL can do for you, your donors, and your lab. Download

Evaluation Case Studies | Downstream Compatibility
Discover the advantages of using Mitra over traditional dried blood spot cards.  Mitra offers the first volumetric reliable Microsampling collection method

Dried Blood Spot Cards vs Mitra Blood Collection Microsampling Device

Compared to results generated from filter paper, results from Mitra microsamples are closer to the "gold standard" assocated with wet blood. Download

Comparative Studies of DBS Cards & Mitra Microsampler 

Application Notes

In Vivo PK study demonstrating the data similarities of using micro blood sampling versus traditional blood sampling via venipunture

Conventional vs. Blood Micro Sampling Methodologies In Vivo PK studies

Advantages of using the VAMS™ method for rodents against traditional wet blood collection for PK and PD studies. Download

In Vivo PK Studies | Experimental Animals  

Click to download Norgen Bioteks application note demonstrating the successful extraction of NGS grade DNA RNA from dried blood microsamples using off-the-shelf DNA / RNA purification and isolation kits

RNA / DNA Isolation and Purification From Dried Blood Microsamples (VAMS)

RNA / DNA isolation and purification from dried blood microsamples were successfully used in downstream molecular tests. Download

DNA / RNA Purification | Next Generation Sequencing

Click to download this application note, explaining the successful evaluation of the mitra micro sampler for Immunosuppressant’s Monitoring.  See how blood sampling dried blood can improve the patient experience so to promote medication adherence.

Evaluation of the Mitra Microsampler for Immunosuppressants Monitoring

At-home collection of blood micro samples provides transplant recipients the convenience of self-collecting and biohazard free shippings to the clinic. Download

TDM Using Dried Blood | Immunosuppressants 

R&D Posters

Click to download an R&D pdf over the blood sampling with the mitra device for a TDM study involving tacrolimus.

Development of Potential At-Home Assay for Tacrolimus Monitoring

At-home therapeutic drug monitoring for tacrolimus using the collection of blood micro specimens to reduce costs and improve donor experience. Download

TDM | Tacrolimus | Wet Blood vs Capillary Blood

Click to download a scientific research and development poster, outlining the development and application of a blood micro sampling protocol for therapeutic drug monitoring.

Monitoring IGF-1 in Blood Using The Mitra Micro Blood Sampling Device 

Blood specimen collection with a Mitra® device is compatible with downstream immunoassay analyzers.  Download

Serum / Plasma vs Whole Blood | Immunoassay 

Click to download a research and development poster evaluating the capabilities of the mitra micro sampler as a primary blood sampling device for PK/PD study of Beta-lactams

Evaluation of Mitra Microsampler For PK/PD study of Beta-lactams

St. George's University of London evaluates blood sample collection with the Mitra microsampler for accuracy and precision. Download

PK / PD | Antimicrobials | Capillary Blood Collection 

Click to download a R&D PDF poster explaining the application of micro blood sampling for a TDM study involving midazolam.

Pediatric TDM of Midazolam: Plasma vs Capillary Blood Collection

A 71-patient study shows preliminary data comparing blood midazolam and 1‐OH midazolam concentrations determined from wet blood samples and capillary blood sampling. Download

Pediatrics | Capillary Blood vs Plasma

Click to download a R&D PDF outlining the use of urine micro sampling with the mitra device for sport drug testing.

Sport Drug Testing Using Dried Urine Microvolumes

Simple but reliable protocols have been developed and validated for the collection of dried urine microvolumes. Download

Sports Drug Testing | Dried Urine Microvolumes

experience so to promote medication adherence Click to download a Research and Development poster highlighting  therapeutic drug monitoring case study that incorporated the mitra micro blood sampling device. See the results of applying a dried blood collection protocol.

TDM of Pyschotropic Synthetic Compounds Using Micro Blood Specimens

A novel, yet simple analytical approach for using dried blood micro samples for rapid determination of new psychoactive substances .  Download

Using Dried Blood for TDM of NPSs | Legal High Drugs

click to download an R and D poster pdf on the development of a Therapeutic Drug Monitoring case involving Atypical Antipsychotics drugs using the mitra micro blood sampling device.  Explore dried blood versus plasma usage in tdm research.

TDM | Atypical Antipsychotics | Comparing Plasma vs Capillary Blood Collection 

In therapeutic drug monitoring, dried blood micro sampling generates comparable results to traditional wet blood analyses while offering some practical advantages. Download

TDM | Central Nervous System Drugs | Comparative Study of Sample Collection Methods

Scientific R&D poster presenting data on how using Mitra to promote medication adherence was accomplished through finger prick micro sampling

Medication Adherence Study Comparing DBS Cards Against Mitra Capillary Blood Collection

Does VAMS technology offset the HCT bias associated with DBS cards? This project compares side-by-side data to quantitatively determine the levels of 11 selected cardiovascular drugs in patient samples. Download

TDM | Medication Adherence | Haematocrit (Hct) effect

 scientific research and development poster on the PK profile findings of a large molecule using mitra as the primary blood sampling device

Determination of a Single-Rodent PK Profile for a Large Molecule

This study demonstrates the applicability of blood micro sampling with VAMS technology for the generation of a PK-profile derived from a single rodent. Download

Microsampling Accuracy Study | LC-MS/MS | Large Molecule

Research and Development poster evaluating Mitra Microsampler as a blood sampling device for use with research around metabolic diseases Evaluating Mitra Microsampler For Use With Metabolic Disease Alkaptonuria

In this study, Mitra was evaluated using whole blood and urine. Sampling accuracy and imprecision were assessed gravimetrically using three sampling techniques. Download

Wet Blood vs Urine vs VAMS | Comparison | Analysis

Webinars / Seminars

Dusseldorf workshop presenting various case studies the have successfully used the Mitra microsampler as a blood sampling collection device for research in pediatric and TDM research

Düsseldorf Workshop | Clinical Case Studies 

Clinical research and case studies that demonstrated the successful utilization and analyte detection from blood samples collected with Mitra microsampler. Download

Case Studies | Capillary Blood vs Plasma | TDM

webinar exploring specimen collection with microsampling in the clinical research industry

Webinar | Do Dried Blood Microsamples Have a Place in Clinical Research Labs?

A next-generation blood microsampling device overcomes many DBS challenges - it's being explored and validated by clinical reseach labs. Watch

Clinical Reseach Validation | Dried Blood Sampling

Click to watch a webinar on how blood collection with the mitra device is ideal blood data solution for in vivo DMPK studies.

Webinar | Advance microsampling (VAMS) for in Vivo DMPK Studies

This webinar discusses the advantages of using dried blood Mitra microsampling devices for In Vivo DMPK studies in rodents. Watch

Experimental Animals | In Vivo PK 

 Click to download a collection of micro blood sampling case studies that used the Mitra device.  Presented at MSACL Palm Spring California 2017.

Microsampling Case Studies Presented at MSACL 2016 (USA)

Review highlights from the conference along with some all-new material, with research from Mayo Clinic, Exagen Diagnostics, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and more. Download

TDM | Proteomics 


Landscape image of austria during the MSACL 2016 Conference. Click to download a collection of case studies covering blood sampling with the mitra micro sampling device.

Microsampling Case Studies Presented at MSACL 2016 Austria (EU)

Review highlights from the conference along with some all-new material, including research from University of Leicester, Leeds Teaching Hospital, and more. Download

Mitra Microsampler vs DBS | Pediatrics 


bioanalysis webinar on exploring micro sampling collection devices for clinical research

Webinar | Exploring Microsampling 2017

Microsampling has gained increasing attention within the bioanalytical community as more sensitive bioanalytical technologies develop, allowing for simpler workflows. Watch

Preclinical and Clinical  | The Future of Specimen Collection 

Click to download a collection of case studies presented at our London micro sampling workshop.  Discover how the Mitra blood sampling device can help patient comfort while providing quality discovery data from dried blood microsamples.  The presentation contains both pre-clinical and clinical research studies.

London Workshop | Preclinical and Clinical Case Studies

Review preclinical and clinical research content presented at the Microsampling Workshop by leading scientists and blood microsampling experts. Download

Case Studies | Capillary Blood vs Plasma | TDM


Video demonstrating the benefits of micro blood sampling in 90 seconds

Benefits of Mitra Microsampling in 90 Seconds | Quantitative & Easy-to-Use

In 90 seconds, Absurd James walks you through the benefits of Mitra microsampling for specimen collection. Watch

At-Home Sampling | Reduce Transportation Costs

Discover how blood micro sampling experimental animals results in better quality discovery data for pre-clinical research.

Next Generation Dried Blood Sampling Technology

Mitra microsamling delivers cost saving and convenient sampling advantages to pharma and clinical organizations. Watch

At-Home Sampling | Reduce Transportation Costs

Photo of the PAL RTD liquid handler used to batch process Mitra dried blood micro samples

Mitra Device Extraction Automated on The PAL® RTC System

See how the microsampling is automated to empower labs with high throughput demands. Watch

Dried Blood Automation | High Throughput Lab

Photo of the Viaflow liquid handler, 96 pipette automation system.  Process Mitra dried blood samples quickly  and with less errors.

Semi-Automated Processing of Mitra Dried Blood Microsamples

Process hundreds to thousands of samples per day using the autoMitra™ workflow, powered by the INTEGRA VIAFLO® 96 electronic pipette. Watch

High Throughput Extraction | Dried Blood Processing

Click to watch a video of how easy it is to take home blood samples with the Mitra device.

At-Home Blood Sample Collection With Mitra Cartridge 

At home sampling / remote blood collection, has never been simpler than with the bar-coded Mitra cartridge. This less invasive procedure improves care and promotes adherence & compliance. Watch

High Throughput Extraction | Dried Blood Processing

How do you collect blood micro samples? Click to watch a video on how this next generation dried blood spot device collects higher quality specimens.

The History, and Making of The Mitra Microsampler 

Advances in bioanalysis detection technology have made microsampling a reality. The Mitra Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS™) tech, collects dependable data as small as 10-20 µL. Watch

Cost Savings Benefits of Microsampling | Easy At-Home Sampling

Brochures / Mitra Manuals

pdf of the various third party case studies that have utilized the Mitra device for blood sampling

VAMS Publication List 

A directory of case studies and research publications that have collected biological specimens with the Mitra Microsampler.  Download

VAMS Publications | Proof of Concept

Click to download our latest brochure of blood sampling devices.  Discover how micro sampling is changing the way scientific research is done.

 Mitra Devices & Accessories Brochure

Improve profitability of operations, donor experience, increase efficiency and facilitate simpler remote sampling. Download

Mitra Formats | 10 and 20 µL Microsampler

cover image of Bioanalysis e-book on exploring Microsampling in 2017

Bioanalysis Zone Exploring Microsampling | E-book

Microsampling has become a relevant solution, particularly in the context of the 3R's. Modern bioanalytical instruments and novel microsampling technologies, are facilitating simpler workflows. Download

The 3R's | Sports Drug Testing | Bioanalysis

image of the Mitra cartridge instructions pdf

Mitra Cartridge Instructions For Use

A step-by-step guide to collecting accurate microsamples with the cartridge format of the Mitra microsampling device. Download

IFU | Mitra Cartridge 

mitra 96 autorack instructions for use

Mitra 96-autorack Instructions For Use 

A step-by-step guide to collecting accurate microsamples with the 96-autorack format of the Mitra microsampling device. Download

IFU | Mitra 96-autorack

image of the Mitra Clamshell and 96-rack Instructions

Mitra Clamshell and 96-rack Instructions For Use 

Follow these steps to collect accurate microsamples with the clamshell format of the Mitra microsampling device. Download

IFU | Mitra Clamshell | Mitra 96-rack

Journal Manuscripts


  • Novel procedures for analysis of dried plasma using microsampling devices to detect sulfur mustard-albumin adducts for verification of poisoning. Read 
  • Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling: A Dried Blood Sample Collection Technique for Quantitative Bioanalysis. Read 


  • Iron isotopic analysis of finger-prick and venous blood by multi-collector inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry after volumetric absorptive microsampling. Read 
  • Dried haematic microsamples and LC-MS/MS for the analysis of natural and synthetic cannabinoids. Read
  • Sampling only ten microliters of whole blood for the quantification of poorly soluble drugs: Itraconazole as case study. Read
  • Assessing volumetric absorptive microsampling coupled with stable isotope dilution assay and liquid chromatography - tandem mass spectrometry as potential diagnostic tool for whole blood 5-methyltetrahydrofolic Acid. Read
  • Volumetric absorptive microsampling at home as an alternative tool for the monitoring of HbA1c in diabetes patients. Read
  • Stable-Isotope Dilution HPLC Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for Quantifying Hydroxyurea in Dried Blood Samples. Read


  • Evaluation of sample extraction methods for minimizing hematocrit effect on whole blood analysis with volumetric absorptive microsampling Read 
  • Hepcidin determination in dried blood by microfluidic LC-MS/MS: Comparison of DBS and volumetric absorptive microsampling for matrix effect and recovery Read 
  • Quantitative bioanalytical validation of fosfomycin in human whole blood with volumetric absorptive microsampling Read 
  • Evaluation of two blood microsampling approaches for drug discovery PK studies in rats Read 
  • Bioanalysis of emixustat (ACU-4429) in whole blood collected with volumetric absorptive microsampling by LC-MS/MS Read 
  • A device for dried blood microsampling in quantitative bioanalysis: overcoming the issues associated with blood hematocrit Read
  • Effect of time on recovery of plasma microsamples for the quantitative determination of vancomycin. Read
  • Determination of ultra-trace amounts of prosthesis-related metals in whole blood using volumetric absorptive micro-sampling and tandem ICP – Mass spectrometry. Read
  • Does volumetric absorptive microsampling eliminate the hematocrit bias for caffeine and paraxanthine in dried blood samples? A comparative study. Read
  • Volumetric absorptive microsampling (VAMS) as an alternative to conventional dried blood spots in the quantification of miltefosine in dried blood samples. Read
  • LC-MS/MS and volumetric absorptive microsampling for quantitative bioanalysis of cathinone analogues in dried urine, plasma and oral fluid samples. Read
  • Quantitative bioanalysis of paracetamol in rats using volumetric absorptive microsampling (VAMS). Read
  • Capillary Blood Collected on Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS) Device for Monitoring Hydroxychloroquine in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Read