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hemaPEN Lab Tools 

Laboratories can use hemaPEN® tools to accession & process microsamples manually or in high throughput.

Available tools include the hemaPEN® Opening Tool to help you safely open the device and access the 4 DBS samples inside, and the hemaPEN®-QC to aid in method development & sample preparation. More tools are available to support your workflow!

hemapen laboratory tools

process low-volume samples with precision for quantitative analysis

The hemaPEN® combines capillary sampling and precision DBS in one microsampling solution to maximize quality and efficiency.
hemaPEN Opening Tool_v2

Easy Access to Samples

A key feature of the hemaPEN® is its secure housing that locks after sample collection to ensure sample integrity.

When hemaPEN arrives in the lab, our specially crafted hemaPEN® Opening Tool helps you safely open the device to access samples.

check-mark-png Facilitates opening of locked devices
check-mark-png No handling of samples
check-mark-png Instructional video available for guidance
check-mark-png Technical support provided on request


a pair of glved hands work with a hemapen QC device in a laboratory setting

Easy Method Development

The hemaPEN®-QC is a Quality Control tool that facilitates method development, validation & sample preparation in the lab. With hemaPEN-QC there is no housing to unlock to access samples.

This tool replicates hemaPEN mechanisms to help you implement a lab method with confidence and compare QC/Cals samples to hemaPEN cohort samples.

check-mark-png Supports method development, validation
check-mark-png Ensures quality control of microsamples
check-mark-png Instructional video available for guidance
check-mark-png Technical support provided on request


hemapen QC laboratory tools

Easy Laboratory Workflows

Process hemaPEN samples using our tube accessioning tool & 96-rack adaptor for manual or high-throughput workflows.
hemaPEN samples can be treated as single sample or separate aliquots for lab flexibility in terms of sensitivity, analytical procedures and biobanking options.

check-mark-png Use 96 well-plates for high throughput
check-mark-png Process manually using tubes
check-mark-png Compact format for efficient storage
check-mark-png Dry format facilitates resource allocation
check-mark-png 4 aliquot samples for flexible analysis

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