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hemaPEN resources

Product Literature

A collage of images showcasing the mitra and hemapen DBS devices

This flyer outlines how people can use our remote microsampling devices at home or out in the field to easily collect samples and mail them to a lab for analysis. Scan the QR code on the back of the flyer to access "How to Sample" videos.

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brochure cover of the hemapen dbs deviceThe hemaPEN® brochure explains how this microsampling tool enables the remote collection of 4 volumetrically accurate samples from a single source. It provides information on the specifications and key features of hemaPEN, which delivers industry gold standard volumetric accuracy, as well as consistent sample drying and integrity.

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hemapen specification sheet coverThis sheet provides product data, specifications, features and benefits of the hemaPEN®, a microsampling device that enables blood collection from a fingertip or other sampling site (or source) via rapid capillary action. The sheet illustrates how hemaPEN can simultaneously collect 4 DBS samples of 2.74 μL each, for a total sample volume of 10.96 μL. 

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Microsampling Video

HubSpot Video

This video shows the hemaPEN® in action for therapeutic or IVD use in Australia, New Zealand, UK, EU and USA only.

Instructions For Use (IFU)

hemapen Instructions For Use cover

This instruction for use informs how to operate the hemaPEN® device for collecting 4 blood samples from a fingertip or a tube. The hemaPEN® is a microsampling device that collects 4 volumetrically precise dried blood spot (DBS) samples from a single source.

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hemapen quick-guide guide cover artThis small pamphlet is inserted in the front pocket of every hemaPEN® specimen bag for quick reference. It provides brief step-by-step instructions on how to sample with hemaPEN. 

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hemapen multi-language quick guide coverThis pamphlet is inserted in the front pocket of every hemaPEN® specimen bag for quick reference. It includes brief instructions in 21 languages on how to sample with hemaPEN.

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