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Harpera skin microbiopsy resources

Product Literature

PSS-0014-GrevA_coverThis sheet provides Harpera™ tool product data, specifications, features and benefits. This skin microsampling tool is under development as a skin microbiopsy solution. The Harpera microbiopsy technology is designed to enable minimally invasive collection of skin cells for convenient, scar-free biopsy procedures. The Harpera tool is currently supplied for investigational use only (IUO). 

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Harpera Brochure Cover Image for WebThe Harpera™ brochure provides information on how to collect minimally invasive, painless skin biopsies for clinical research using this portable technology. The Harpera™ tool, which is in development and available for investigational use only (IUO), can be applied as an alternative to traditional skin biopsy in many studies of skin diseases or conditions and in the development of therapies used to treat them.  

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This questionnaire was created for early adopters of the Harpera™ tool who are using it for investigational studies in health care and research. Thanks for your help in improving this investigational use only (IUO) tool! The answers you provide in this questionnaire will further help us to improve the Harpera technology. Please download the questionnaire, check the box that aligns with your experience for each question or statement, and email the form back to us at: neo.info@trajanscimed.com

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MN-1435revB_cover (1)Thank you for choosing the Harpera™ skin microsampling tool based on a patented microbiopsy technology for your research! This user guide is intended to help guide you in proper retrieval and handling of microbiopsy specimens collected using the Harpera (IUO) tool. Our goal is to provide best current practices from the field for dermatology and cosmeceuticals research applications.

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Microbiopsy Videos




Instructions for Use (IFU)

MN-1440_webcoverThe Harpera™ microbiopsy tool is for investigational use only (IUO). The Instructions for Use (IFU) include intended use, instructions for collecting a minimally invasive specimen, precautions, and steps for storage and handling. The IFU includes translations in Japanese, French and German. All devices are shipped with printed instructions. For additional digital copies, you can download the IFU provided here.


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