publications: analytes that can be extracted from Mitra® devices

Is your analyte compatible with microsampling?

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Are you wondering if your analyte is compatible with microsampling?

Most likely, it is! According to more than 100 publications and research references, a wide range of analytes can be extracted from the Mitra® microsampler, including small and large drug molecules, nucleic acids, immunoglobulins, RNA/DNA, biomarkers, metals, and more.

Read study papers published by researchers and clinicians from a range of organizations substantiating the benefits and utility of remote specimen collection with Mitra and volumetric absorptive microsampling (VAMS®). Many healthcare practitioners and research scientists have adapted their programs and workflows to leverage remote specimen collection and microsampling for telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, therapeutic drug monitoring, pediatrics, virtual clinical trials, drug development, addiction medicine, toxicology, and infectious disease research, among others.

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Replicate Validated Analyte Solutions and Extraction Methods

Many clinical labs and contract research organizations (CROs) around the globe have successfully onboarded Mitra® microsampling devices with VAMS® technology from Neoteryx to conduct testing on a variety of analytes. Researchers who are considering the use of dried blood samples and microsampling technology often ask: How can I optimize extraction methods to achieve strong signals and stable extracts when running an immunoassay? You will find answers to this question and more in the selection of publications we are offering for download.

Read the publications we have compiled here to learn more about the science behind microsampling, the guidelines and best practices for implementing microsampling in your projects, validated methods for analyte testing, analyte solutions, and much more!