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Remote blood sampling has arrived! 

Mitra® Microsamplers — so safe and easy, they can be used by anyone, anywhere! 

No matter who or where you are, we offer a complimentary, virtual meeting with one of our Microsampling Consultants to help you select the best microsampling device for your needs. Once a fit is found, your consultant will send you free samplers to trial. 

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Our future depends on smarter, safer healthcare. Today's world requires fast, efficient blood sampling for accurate testing. Whether you are onsite or offsite, you can use Mitra® Microsamplers from Neoteryx to manage research studies, drug development, clinical trials, virtual healthcare for remote patients, and much, much more. 

Neoteryx Microsampling Advantages

Reliable Samples

High sample quality, precise volume (< 4% RSD), and secured blood collection

Patient Friendly

 Simply touch the Mitra device to the blood drop and watch it absorb in seconds

Simple Logistics

No need for frequent clinic visits, cold-chain shipping, or freezers for storage


Less time, energy and resources required for sample reworks and integration into the lab

Dried Blood Expertise

More than100 published Mitra manuscripts and a staff of microsampling experts to support you

Dependable Analytics

Precise, accurate blood collection contributes to high correlation with plasma gold standards

Common Mitra Microsampling Applications

Pharmaceutical Drug Development

Mitra blood microsampling offers benefits throughout the drug development pipeline with both large and small molecules - from facilitating serial sampling in animal models for preclinical drug research to offering improved convenience and access in Phase 3 human trials.

Clinical Research & Epidemiology

Remote Mitra sampling broadens the subject recruitment pool for large population studies, while its convenience also improves subject compliance & retention.

Infectious Diseases

Remote Mitra sampling enables testing and prevalence studies of viral pathogens among patients who remain safely at home during infectious disease outbreaks & social distancing restrictions.

Newborn Screening & Pediatrics

Next-generation newborn screening is possible with single-drop blood samples for genetic tests. Low-stress health monitoring in pediatric patients is easy with finger-prick blood draws. 

Molecular Diagnostics

Mitra samples are precise, allowing researchers to accurately capture, analyze and sequence genetic data from a few drops of blood or saliva.

Biomarker Discovery & Monitoring

Remote sampling can unlock the potential of precision medicine by enabling longitudinal studies using remote samples to monitor biomarkers in a range of patient populations.  

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Our Mitra® Collection Device Formats



This easy-to-use format has two sampling devices, includes barcoding, and is enclosed in a specimen bag for convenient transport.



This low-budget blood collection format works well for pilot studies, proof-of-concept testing, and clinical research with limited funding.



The 96-autorack enables high throughput sample processing for liquid extractions, analytical method development, and setting up QCs/Calibrators.


Collection Kits

The Clamshell and Cartridge Mitra formats are available packaged in collection kits that include instructions, lancets, and other supplies. Kits can be customized to your needs. 

Neoteryx created the Mitra® Microsampler with you in mind.
Whether you are a physician, nurse, patient, lab director, research scientist, clinical trial manager or technician, there is a Mitra Microsampler that will work for you. We'll help you select the device format that fits you best via a quick conversation with a Microsampling Consultant, who will send a sampler to you for a free trial. 

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Mitra® is an FDA Class 1 Medical Device in the USA, a CE-IVD self-certified Device in the UK and European Union​, and Registered with Health Canada.