collecting micro volume capillary blood samples

blood microsampling for smarter, simpler immunosuppressant monitoring

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With Mitra® devices, transplant recipients can collect a sample of blood from the comfort of their home and ship it to a lab for analysis. This makes immunosuppressant monitoring more convenient and encourages tighter adherence and compliance with life-saving drug regimens.

immunsuppresants-monitoring-capillary-micro-blood-samplingDownload this bundle of groundbreaking research from the Mayo Clinic, Kings College Hospital, and others to learn about...

  • Tacrolimus, Everolimus, Sirolimus, and Cyclosporin A monitoring using Mitra

  • Development of an LC/MS method for dried blood immunosuppressant samples
  • The promise of home sampling in monitoring transplant patients
  • Accuracy, precision, LLOQ, HCT effects, and stability of a Tacrolimus assay