smarter, simpler remote therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) of immunosuppressants and more

Learn how to take TDM out of the clinic and into your patients' homes with our free TDM Resource Bundle. With new technologies, remote sampling can now be done conveniently by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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Unleash the power of remote
blood collection + TDM 

Our TDM Resource Bundle can help you easily adopt new specimen collection technologies in both the field and the lab. Whether you are a doctor looking to build a personalized remote therapeutic drug monitoring program of immunosuppressants for your patients, or a clinical researcher searching for TDM device sampling alternatives, look no further! When patients can self-manage blood collection at home and send their blood samples to the lab for testing, this helps them adhere to an appropriate drug regimen, while eliminating unnecessary and time-consuming travel to the clinic or blood draw center. 

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Organizations innovating their TDM with remote sampling


NHS' Nottingham Children's Hospital uses remote TDM to help organ transplant patients!

Simplifying Immunosuppressive Therapy

After getting a kidney transplant, patients must get frequent blood draws for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) to track blood concentration levels of immunosuppressive drugs,. Immunosuppressive therapy helps a patient's body accept the new organ and remain healthy, but maintaining the appropriate drug level requires many clinic visits for close monitoring by the care team. The 'Count On Me' kidney transplant program at the NHS' Nottingham Children's Hospital in the UK has made things easier for pediatric patients and their families by providing at-home blood collection kits to enable remote patient monitoring.

Being able to self-manage their blood sampling for TDM has improved the quality of life for patients and their families, saving them time, travel, and exposure to contagions. 

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TDM + remote specimen collection = patient & provider benefits

Cost Savings

  • Shortens or avoids hospital stays and readmissions.
  • When paired with remote blood collection versus traditional blood draws in a clinic or lab, TDM reduces healthcare costs further because no nurse or phlebotomist is needed to perform a blood draw.
  • Patient visits to the clinic are reduced, which translates to reduced travel expenses and fewer lost wages due to work absences.

Care Compliance

  • Patient compliance with drug therapy can pose a challenge for care providers.
  • It is estimated that more than 20% of patients don’t adhere to their drug therapy regimen, whether it is forgetting to take medications or not showing up for routine blood draws.
  • Offering patients at-home blood collection overcomes objections to traditional venous blood draws, encouraging better adherence.

Provider & Patient Satisfaction

  • Collecting blood samples at home for mailing to a lab eliminates the stress and inconvenience of conventional in-clinic blood draws, improving the patient's experience.
  • Greater patient satisfaction leads to greater compliance, which makes TDM easier for care providers.
  • Test results from the lab provide timely data for scheduling dosing adjustments and follow-up telehealth consults.

Hear What Our Customers Say About Microsampling

We wanted an easier way for children and their families to get their blood tests done so they wouldn't have to travel so much to visit us. Having a kit that allows patients to do their blood draws at home is fantastic!"

– JJ Kim, MD, Nottingham Children's Hospital, NHS, UK

“We use the blood collection kit at home for our son, who is a kidney transplant recipient. The kit has easy instructions, a finger-prick tool & supplies to collect the samples. We use the included shipping envelopes to post samples to our son’s care provider. The kit saves us time and unnecessary trips to the clinic.” 
– Mrs. Lego | Transplant Patient Parent, USA 

"The Mitra® devices make sampling in the hospital diagnostics lab environment amenable to workflows used in those labs and accessible to lab staff. Importantly, the Mitra® devices also dramatically improve the sample process, in terms of logistics and costs, and make storage of the samples in the central lab easier, not dependent on a freezer. The costs associated with wet blood sample shipping and storage may have made such work [protein biomarker research / proteomics] prohibitively challenging in the past.”

– Dr. Stephen Pennington of University College Dublin

"VAMS technology allows convenient at-home monitoring and is minimally invasive. It also offers efficiencies in the clinical setting, as providers will have blood results in hand before meeting with the patient."  

– Dr. Christophe Stove | Ghent University Hospital 

“With Mitra®  devices, collecting the blood sample requires only one minute, no more. There is no pain associated with the process, and no excess bleeding. It takes just a few more minutes to register the samples, to place them in an envelope, to put a stamp on it, and to drop it in the mailbox.” 

– Dr. Bruno Journe, Specialist in Addictology 

From clinical TDM to remote patient monitoring, the future of blood sampling is here.  

Safer, simpler, smarter, and more convenient. 

Access groundbreaking research and case studies. Download our remote TDM resource bundle today!

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With Mitra® devices, patients undergoing therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) can collect a sample of blood at home, ship it to a lab for analysis, and consult virtually with their physician about their results. This makes TDM more convenient and encourages better compliance with tough drug regimens. To learn how Mitra microsampling enables smarter, simpler TDM of immunosuppressants, hormones, anti-depressants, and more download our bundle of groundbreaking case studies and research insights from leaders in clinical research and healthcare.