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Mitra microsampler | smarter specimen collection 

Explore The Differences Between Capillary vs. Venous Blood (wet vs. dry samples)

  • Case Study: Development of an immunoassay for IGF-1 in blood using microsampling for monitoring transsphenoidal surgery patients (Christie Pathology Partnership)
  • Case Study: A comparison of conventional vs. microsampling methodologies for in vivo pharmacokinetic studies in rodents (Sci Analytical Strategies)
  • Case Study: VAMS in Clinical Diagnostic -Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Diagnostic Biomarkers (Exagen Diagnostics)
  • Case Study: Supporting a Paediatric Study Using Wet and Dry Samples (GSK)
  • E-bookBioanalysis Zone Explores Mircosampling - A deep dive into the latest developments and expanding adoption of microsampling technology