Mitra®  microsampler, the remote specimen collection device

Read case studies from peers in science and healthcare that explore the differences between capillary vs. venous blood.

Learn the advantages of using dried blood vs. wet blood samples for research studies, virtual clinical trials, public health projects and telemedicine programs. Download our resources! 

  • Case Study: Development of an immunoassay for IGF-1 in blood using microsampling for monitoring transsphenoidal surgery patients (Christie Pathology Partnership)
  • Case Study: A comparison of conventional vs. microsampling methodologies for in vivo pharmacokinetic studies in rodents (Sci Analytical Strategies)
  • Case Study: VAMS in Clinical Diagnostics: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Diagnostic Biomarkers (Exagen Diagnostics)
  • Case Study: Supporting a Pediatric Study Using Wet and Dry Samples (GSK)
  • E-bookBioanalysis Zone Explores Microsampling: Take a deep dive into the latest developments and expanding adoption of remote collection & microsampling technology

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