Non-Invasive Blood Collection For DNA / RNA Specimens

The Mitra® microsampler opens the door of opportunity for molecular research labs to run more efficient operations and reduce costs, while still generating meaningful results.

The Mitra Microsampler provides the financial benefits of working with dried blood, but with a volumetrically accurate, stable dried blood spot (DBS) that reduces the incidence of reworks and is amenable to DNA / RNA isolation and purification using commercially available kits in central labs  

  • Yield NGS-grade DNA / RNA from dried blood micro samples
  • Bridge data from volumetrically accurate dried blood microsamples to data from plasma / serum 
  • Expand access to research participants while increasing funding opportunities in low-resourced regions
  • Use purification and isolation kits from a variety of manufacturers to extract nucleic acids 
  • Mail samples directly to central labs for analysis with no field processing or freezing
  • Research support agreements available to make the best use of your budget
an image of blood splatter - click to read an article about wet blood handling disasters

Smarter Bio-specimen Collection For:

  • DNA Genotyping 
  • Pathogen Research
  • Blood Cancer Research
  • Remote Viral Load Testing