Explore Smarter Specimen Collection for Biological Fluids

By eliminating the need for venipuncture the Mitra® Microsampling device, based on VAMS™ technology, facilitates an easier and more comfortable donor experience, particularly for children and the elderly. It also contributes to expanding participant outreach, cutting costs by eliminating cold chain shipping, simplifying workflows and enables collection of blood specimens in non-clinical settings. 

With Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS) technology, dependable data can be obtained from dried blood specimens as small as 10 and 20 µL. Learn more about the standard variables similarities between microsampling and wet blood in our clinical research case studies and articles.

  • Eliminate blood processing & freezing (e.g., centrifugation, isolation, etc.)
  • Working with dried blood simplifies collection, storage, and transport 
  • Get accurate, reliable profiles from micro liters of blood for a variety of anlayte types
  • Mitra Microsampler delivers a consistent specimen with minimal training required

Click to wathc a video about how simple it is to take a blood sample with the Mitra cartridge

Use Mitra Microsampler For:

  • Pediatric Research
  • Laboratoy Developed Tests
  • Theraputic Drug Monitoring
  • Blood, Urine, Saliva, etc.


Traditional Wet Blood Collection Versus Dried Blood Microsampling 

Cut Costs - No Need for Biohazard Couriers

The Mitra® microsampler combines the best of wet sampling, dried blood spotting (DBS), and microsampling technology with a state-of-the-art collection device that is simple to use.

And unlike traditional dried blood spot (DBS) cards, blood specimens collected with Mitra microsampler deliver a reliable fixed volume every time, regardless of blood hematocrit percentage


Discover What 10-20 µL Can Do For You