remote & at-home blood collection simplified

Discover safe, simple and precise remote blood collection technology from Neoteryx. Our Mitra® devices are suited to research, clinical trials, labs and telehealth for remote patient monitoring & therapeutic drug monitoring with at-home sampling.

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Reliable Samples

High sample quality, precise volume
(< 4% RSD), and secured blood collection

Patient Friendly

 Simply touch the Mitra® device tip to a blood drop and watch it absorb in seconds

Simple Logistics

No need for frequent clinic visits, cold-chain shipping, or freezers for storage


Send Mitra samples through the mail and process them using existing lab systems

Dried Blood Expertise

>100 Mitra manuscripts and a staff of microsampling experts to support you

Dependable Results

Volumetric blood collection enables correlation with standard reference ranges

remote blood collection applications

Pharmaceutical Drug Development

Mitra blood microsampling offers benefits throughout the drug development pipeline with both large and small molecules - from facilitating serial sampling in animal models for preclinical drug research to offering improved convenience and access in Phase 3 human trials.

Clinical Research & Epidemiology

Remote Mitra sampling broadens the subject recruitment pool for large population studies, while its convenience also improves subject compliance & retention.

Infectious Diseases

Remote Mitra sampling enables testing and prevalence studies of viral pathogens among patients who remain safely at home during infectious disease outbreaks & social distancing restrictions.

Newborn Screening & Pediatrics

Next-generation newborn screening is possible with single-drop blood samples for genetic tests. Low-stress health monitoring in pediatric patients is easy with finger-prick blood draws. 

Molecular Diagnostics

Mitra samples are precise, allowing researchers to accurately capture, analyze and sequence genetic data from a few drops of blood or saliva.

Biomarker Discovery & Monitoring

Remote sampling can unlock the potential of precision medicine by enabling longitudinal studies using remote samples to monitor biomarkers in a range of patient populations.  

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Don't worry, we serve a wide range of Mitra applications. Tell us how you want to use microsampling and we will help you determine if Mitra with VAMS is a good fit!


"VAMS® technology allows convenient at-home monitoring and is minimally invasive. It also offers efficiencies in the clinical setting."

– Dr. Christophe Stove | Ghent University Hospital

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Remote Blood Sampling That Is Safe, Simple and Precise. 

Two PDF's available for download. The first one highlights several case studies of patient who have used microsampling to self-sample remotely.  And the second PDF address the lab perspectives on switching to a blood microsampling.
With over 100 publications Mitra blood microsampling is a novel remote, out of the clinic blood sampling solution

Explore Cutting-edge Patient Monitoring Applications
Use microsampling to measure levels of therapeutic drugs, vitamins, cholesterol, hormones, and HbA1c, to name a few. 

dried blood microsamples are not considered biohazardous, allowing patients to send in their samples through standard post / mailSee Why Remote Sampling is Essential for Medical Innovation
Blood collection outside the clinic with VAMS® technology is the simple, economical, and location-independent solution.

The impact of switching to a VAMS collection method has far reaching consequences that improve workflow and customer satisfaction Access Lab Validation Case Studies  
Opening new care pathways is easier than you think! Learn how to implement remote specimen collection in the lab and field.