process hundreds or thousands of mitra microsamples per day

The Mitra® 96-Autorack™ enables any lab to process microsamples in a high throughput manner - whether for plate building or extracting multiple samples at one time, or both!
Mitra 96-autorack high throughput dbs processing

Our 96-Autoracks™ allow for the reformatting of Mitra® samples, for rapid accessioning and extraction. Experiment with a variety of extraction methods in multiple 96-Autoracks to quickly identify solvent combinations and agitation techniques that yield highest efficiencies.  These racks are compatible with 96-channel pipettors and liquid handling workstations like the INTEGRA VIAFLO. 

Common 96-Autorack Uses

Plate Building and Extractions 

With empty 96-Autoracks™, you can easily process incoming Mitra micorsamplers at scale. Barcoding is available to facilitate sample tracking.


Method Development

Experiment with a variety of extraction methods using fully loaded 96-Autoracks™ to quickly identify solvent combinations and agitation techniques that yield highest efficiencies.


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Fluid Compatibility

  • Blood
  • Serum
  • Tears
  • Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF)
  • Plasma
  • Urine
  • Synovial fluid
  • Saliva

2 Configurations to Select From

  1. Empty 
  2. Fully loaded with 96 microsamplers

Volumes Available (RSD < 4%)

10 µL  |  20 µL  |  30 µL

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