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This research shows that that blood collected on Mitra device is compatible with downstream immunoassay analyzers.

Leading scientists and blood microsampling experts presented novel pre-clinical and clinical research data at our workshop.  Access now.

This application note shows that RNA and DNA isolated from a Mitra blood microsampling device were of the highest quality and all nucleic acids purified..

This webinar introduces next generation volumetric absorptive microsampling technology (VAMS™) and investigates the results of three clinical research..
Access data that correlates with wet blood results and reduces animal usage for research.

St. George's University of London evaluates the Mitra microsampling device for sampling accuracy and precision and concludes it is better than 10 μL blood..

In 90 seconds, Absurd James will walk you through the benefits of Mitra microsampling including saving on animals, reduced transportation costs, and..

Pharmaceutical, CRO, and clinical research organizations are considering Mitra microsamling because it delivers cost saving and convenient sampling..

The Mitra® Microsampling Device is a revolutionary, yet simple technology for blood sample collection. The ease and simplicity of accurately collecting a..

In this two-site study, four immunosuppressants in 36 patients were studied with the goal of measuring the correlation between standard wet blood sampling..

This webinar discusses the advantages of using Mitra microsampling for In Vivo DMPK studies including the elimination of hematocrit (HCT) bias and reduced..

The study shows a strong correlation between a Mitra Microsampling assay and a wet lab assay for tacrolimus with a high level of precision and minimized..

This 71 patient study shows preliminary data comparing blood midazolam and 1‐OH midazolam concentrations determined from wet blood samples and VAMS tips..

This guide will teach proper Mitra® device sampling technique for the clamshell and 96-rack formats in a few short steps.

This guide will teach proper Mitra® device sampling technique for the cartridge format in a few short steps.

This guide will teach proper Mitra ®  device sampling technique for the 96-autorack formats in a few short steps.

See how the Mitra™ Microsampling Device is automated on the Mitra PAL RTC instrument (Brechbühler AG) to enable labs with high biological sample..