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How Microsampling Makes Things Easier for Organ Transplant Patients and Their Families

Quantitative, volumetrically accurate blood microsampling technology is an indisputable boon for scientists, researchers, and the entire field of health and wellness. And it also makes life easier for organ transplant patients and their families. The experience of one family in England illustrates how. continue reading


Labor Krone Research Supports Microsampling for Lamotrigin, Levetiracetam, and Lacosamid

In cooperation with Mara-Hospital in Beilefeld-Bethel, Dr. Dennis Klimpel of MVZ Labor Krone has recently conducted research on the suitability of dried blood samples in therapeutic drug monitoring for antiepileptic drugs  frequently prescribed and monitored in cases of epilepsy therapy.  continue reading


Extraction Methodology, AEDs, and More: Plomley and Altasciences Explore Microsampling

One of the most exciting presentations on microsampling in 2018 came this past November from Jeff Plomley, Manager and Principal Scientist supporting Bioanalytical Innovator and Pre-clinical programs at Quebec-based Altasciences. continue reading


Interview: Fasha Mahjoor, Founder of Neoteryx and Phenomenex

We asked the businessman and philanthropist what drove him to take on yet another challenging but massive opportunity. His answers shed light on what Neoteryx stands for and where it may go from here. continue reading