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the promise of blood microsampling in consumer health and wellness offerings

by Neoteryx | 1 min read

Blood microsampling, as performed using Mitra® devices, is an absurdly simple concept with revolutionary implications and many new emerging applications. Some of the most interesting of these are in the booming industry of consumer health and wellness.

blood-microsampling-applications-health-and-wellnessBy taking small, precise volumes of blood (or another biological fluid), microsampling technology and Mitra devices have opened the landscape for consumer health and wellness offerings that plug into the appeal and benefits of concepts such as precision medicine, patient-centered drug and alcohol testing, the quantified self, and other new notions in the health and wellness space.Already, customers of Neoteryx have introduced striking innovations in at-home health and wellness testing and self-monitoring for athletes, as well as making promising strides in addiction recovery and adjacent areas of study.

Technology allows us to consolidate and aggregate reams of data, to find connections, and to take advantage of new opportunities for agency over our own health and wellness. What are now needed are innovative new healthcare approaches that actualize these ideas, connect them to the biological fluids that are the stuff of human life, and find vital and important new uses that leverage the massive potential of new instruments such as the Mitra device, developed by Neoteryx, driven by Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS™) technology.

At Neoteryx, we pride ourselves on our partnerships and collaborations with the best thinkers and doers on the new frontiers of health and wellness. If you have an idea for a new health and wellness offering that incorporates small volume blood collection, it's time to get in touch.

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Originally published Jul 29, 2019 8:58:00 AM, updated on August 12, 2019

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