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pediatrics now: 5 innovations to watch

by Neoteryx | 2 min read

Pediatricians, hospital lab directors, and others in the field of pediatrics are devoted to driving forward the best innovations in medical care for children, those who constitute the future of humanity and of our society. Here are some of the innovations just around the bend, expected to revolutionize the field of pediatrics.


The Smart Pill

This is an innovation whereby a sensor is built into a pill. When swallowed, it helps medical practitioners to accurately assess a patient’s condition from a distance. This incredible technology has been adopted by Children’s Health of Dallas. This is the very first pediatric system to put in use this innovative device to monitor 75 pediatric transplant patients.

The Champ App

This is a cutting-edge innovation applicable by use of personal computers or tablets. The app simplifies the monitoring process of patients in the comfort of their homes. The app is specifically made for families with children born with a single ventricle heart defect. The app is the first to give effective interstage monitoring. With this, parents and medical practitioners track everything from nutrient intake to oxygen saturation of the child.

Advanced Imaging and Modeling

In 2013, modeling was introduced through efforts of a cardiologist, Dr. Mathew Bramlet's Jump simulation engineers at Children's Hospital of Illinois. They developed method changing two-dimensional images of the heart into 3D models that have been printed. This helped to change the life of a nine-year-old girl for the better who needed complex aortic surgery. Today, jump simulation engineers are working with the University of Illinois and have come up with models of anatomical digital images which can either be printed or integrated into virtual settings such as virtual realities and augmented realities.

Blood Glucose Monitoring Using Digital Tattoos

A "digital tattoo" is in this case an electronic skin patch that detects a higher than normal level of glucose in the patient's sweat. It then releases drugs on its own through heating up microneedles that penetrate into the skin. This is a useful innovation for both adults and pediatric departments in diabetes management.

Pediatric Microsampling

Pediatric microsampling is a breakthrough in the collection of a blood sample from children. With this innovation, children’s comfort and safety is taken care of where precise small-volume samples of blood are collected. Unlike venipuncture, microsampling ensures that the child experiences as little pain as possible, hence comfort.

From all this, it is evident that innovation and technological advancement can only enhance the health of a patient, especially in a field such as pediatrics, which must always orient itself toward the future.

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Originally published Nov 6, 2018 2:34:00 AM, updated on March 11, 2020


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