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In the US, use of the Mitra device is limited to research and non-diagnostic applications. In many countries outside the US, the Mitra device can be used as a sample collection device for clinical diagnostic applications, as referenced in some content.

microsampling: your ethical, scientific, and financial advantage in animal testing

by Neoteryx | 1 min read

Smarter Specimen Collection For a Cleaner, Leaner Organization

rat-pets-eat-51340.jpegMicrosampling is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry. Serial sampling can help you save up to 80% in study cost, animal usage, study length, and drug conservation.

Find out how this new technology can help you create a more efficient, more ethical, more modern operation.

Better Data, Better Decisions

With microsampling, you'll get a leaner and cleaner operation with the added benefits of:

Save Money, Save Time

Microsampling can reduce your investment in:

Improved Animal Welfare

Mitra microsampling technology can help you facilitate:

click to download case studies comparing the use of microsampling versus a variety of other blood collection methods

Originally published Aug 22, 2017 7:00:00 AM, updated on July 29, 2020


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