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an economical dbs card automation alternative

by Emerson Dameron | 1 min read

When dried blood spot (DBS) cards appeared 50 years ago, the use of capillary blood was a significant medical breakthrough. By pricking a fingertip or a heel, air-drying the sample on a piece of filter paper the size of an index card, and removing the stained area with a puncher, clinicians could obtain valuable information for preclinical and clinical testing.

However, at higher volumes, processing paper DBS cards can be expensive and labor-intensive. To meet the throughput demands of analysis at larger scales, automation is required. Automation solutions for DBS card workflows have remained stubbornly disruptive and costly, and have forced some labs to implement some seriously heavy machinery. 

A typical DBS card automation system includes robotic handling and storage of cards, a built-in camera to ensure tracking and consistency before and after sample extraction, a washing station, and a cumbersome extraction process involving clamps, pumps, and trap columns.

A new alternative to DBS cards

Volumetric Absorbitve Microsampling (VAMS™) technology has some key advantages over the previous generation of DBS. VAMS eliminates the hematocrit bias associated with DBS cards and generates reliable data comparable to that from traditional wet blood. In addition, 96-well plate format devices are available in a standard SLAS footprint which is compatible with liquid handling instrumentation commonly found in labs.

For labs dealing with high throughput demands, there is a convenient and economical solution to process hundreds of dried blood VAMS specimens per day.

The autoMitra™ workflow powered by INTEGRA VIAFLO® 96 is a semi-automatable solution with programmable liquid transferring. Compared to cumbersome DBS card automation, it’s easy to implement and master.

This system processes hundreds to thousands of specimens per day and fits on your workbench. With one day of training and programmable extraction methods, you'll lighten you'll workload, reduce systemic errors, and work safer and smarter.

picture collage of the auto mitra dried blood automation system at work in the lab


Click to download case studies that show the comparison between using traditional DBS cards and the Mitra blood collection device

Originally published Mar 3, 2017 8:47:23 AM, updated on July 15, 2020


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