Neoteryx Leadership Team


Fasha Mahjoor
CEO and Founder

Founder and CEO of Neoteryx, Fasha Mahjoor obtained his undergraduate degree from Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK, and his Masters degree from the University of Southern California (USC) in architecture...

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Stuart Kushon PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Stuart Kushon services as our Chief Scientific Officer. Prior to joining Neoteryx, Dr. Kushon, was the Senior Scientist responsible for sample preparation product development at Phenomenex starting in early 2011. At Phenomenex he was...

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Cathy Cordova MBA
Director of Marketing

Cathy Cordova has served as head of marketing since July 2014. Prior to joining Neoteryx, Ms. Cordova led the Brand Management and Global Marketing teams for Phenomenex. During her 12-year marketing tenure...

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James Rudge PhD
Technical Director

James Rudge serves as our Technical Director. Prior to joining Neoteryx, Dr. Rudge worked for Phenomenex for 14 years and is a co-inventor of the Mitra Microsampling Device and the Volumetric Absorptive...

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David Grossman
Director of Business Development

David Grossman joined Neoteryx in 2018 with a strong background in managing, training, and leading sales teams to launch disruptive healthcare technologies. ... 

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Fiona Mahjoor L.L.M 
Contract Manager

Fiona Mahjoor is the Contracts Manager for Neoteryx. She provides legal, contractual, and IP support across the company and collaborates with executives, partners, and customers to draft agreements that advance sales, science, and product development... 

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Nima Vazin
Corporate Controller

Nima Vazin has served as the Corporate Controller since August of 2017. Prior to joining Neotreyx, Mr. Vazin was the Finance Manager at Phenomenex, where he oversaw all global finance activities...

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