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Supporting Each Phase of Drug Development. Supported by a Global Microsampling Specialist.

Since 2000, PRA Health Sciences (PRAHS) has participated in approximately 4,000 clinical trials worldwide. In addition, the company has participated in the pivotal or supportive trials that led to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or international regulatory approval of more than 95 drugs.

PRAHS has two laboratories, in The Netherlands and USA, to support drug development. Both labs offer bioanalytical services with the use of various analytical techniques, which include LC-MS/MS and HRMS. The clinical studies that are performed range from Phase I to Phase IV, and the laboratories also support pre-clinical studies.

A global microsampling specialist is involved in all microsampling projects and discussions and has (co-)authored over 20 publications regarding microsampling. PRAHS is regularly performing method development, validation and bioanalysis studies using microsampling.

PRAHS can be of service for all your microsampling projects.

  • Proprietary compounds
  • Small molecule drugs
  • Biomolecules
  • mAbs
  • Biomakers

PRA Health Sciences labs are GLP and inspected by the FDA.

PRA Health Sciences provides services globally.

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