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Immuno Labs was founded 41 years ago by Jeff Zavik who started the operation on the kitchen table of his parents condominium. Jeff was inspired by his own condition and others who were struggling with chronic illness related to foods. Today, our laboratory enjoys a reputation for being the finest toxic food testing laboratory in the world. We have performed over a million tests and have provided results to physicians in over 24 different countries. At Immuno Labs we believe the right food is your first and best medicine.

Tests offered via immunoassay on Mitra® dried blood samples:

  • Food Sensitivity IgG Panels
  • Milk Subfractions
  • Egg subfractions
  • Covid-19 Antibody

    All other testing is serum at this time. Research is underway to convert more testing to the Mitra device in the future.

Immuno Labs is a fully CLIA Certified Lab. 10D0284781

Immuno Labs provides their laboratory services nationwide and worldwide except NY State.

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Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33309

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