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Interesting and Innovative Work on Multiple Scientific Fronts 

I-Mitox (International Medical Institute of Toxicology and Pharmacology) has a high-performance laboratory onsite with instrumentation suited for LC-MS-QTOF, ICP-MS, and HS-GC-MS, as well as a team of forensic experts, specialized doctors, engineers, and biotechnologists. 

I-Mitox  is structured around four key pharmaco-toxicological activities: forensics, clinical analysis, professional toxicology, and research on hair pollutants.

In Blood:

  •  PEth
  • Carbamazepine*
  • Clozapine*
  • Lamotrigine*
  • Methadone*
  • Valproate*

In Saliva:

  • THC (cannabis)*
  • 6-MAM*, Morphine*
  • Amphetamine*, Metamphetamine*, MDEA*, MDMA*
  • Cocaine* and Benzoylecgonine*


*I-Mitox has have applied for COFRAC accreditation for these analyses with the Mitra® device

I-Mitox is registered NF EN ISO 15189.

I-Mitox provides laboratory services in Europe.

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