DNA strands float in gray space.

VAMS Blood Sampling | DNA/RNA Extraction

The Mitra® microsampler provides all the benefits of working with dried blood, but improves these by delivering a volumetrically accurate, stable dried blood spot (DBS) sample that reduces the incidence of reworks. Extract NGS grade  DNA / RNA using commercially available isolation / purification kits.

  • Case Study: Total RNA/DNA purification and detection from blood preserved on a Mitra device based on volumetric absorptive microsampling (VAMS®) provides an alternative to blood tubes, and yields NGS-grade DNA/RNA from a more convenient, economical approach to specimen collection, processing and analysis.
  • Pamphlet: Explore 10 good reasons for using dried blood collection technology for specimen collection in low-resource areas. 
  • Webinar: Do dried blood microsamples have a place in the clinical lab? We answer this and other common questions about VAMS microsampling and its application in therapeutic drug monitoring, pediatrics, and molecular research.
  • E-bookBioanalysis Zone Explores Mircosampling: A deep dive into the latest developments and expanding adoption of microsampling technology