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microsampling validated for rodent PK studies 



The Mitra Microsampler class I medical device is for direct specimen collection of blood and other biological fluids. It is not specific to any clinical test, and is not for use in diagnostic procedures. Use of the Mitra Microsampler in Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) requires further processing including the establishment of performance characteristics and successful validation by the laboratory in a manner consistent with CLIA requirements.

Open the door for combining PK and PD assessments in the same animals with Mitra microsampling technology.


Highlights of this research include: 

  • An introduction to the Mitra Microsampling Device and a simplified microsampling workflow
  • Full explanation of how this technology allows for serial sampling while greatly reducing animal usage
  • Details on how comparable data can be generated using dried blood, whilst conserving lab costs, and animal lives