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News Update: NIH Uses Remote Blood Collection Kits From Neoteryx in Study to Track Undetected Cases of Coronavirus Infection.


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News | NIH Begins Study to Quantify Undetected Cases of Coronavirus Infection 

In this “SeroSurvey,” researchers will collect blood samples using Mitra blood collection kits from Neoteryx and analyze those samples from 10,000 volunteers to provide critical data for epidemiological models. Results will examine antibodies against COVID-19 and help illuminate the extent to which the novel coronavirus has spread undetected.

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Tutorial | Taking a Blood Sample with a Mitra Device Powered by VAMS Technology 


Webinar | Immunoassays: Extraction Methods That You Can Use With Dried Blood Samples

Neoteryx’s Technical Director highlights  several study papers in peer-reviewed publications to provide a summary of research studies using extraction methodology for Mitra remote blood sampling devices in ligand binding assays.

Research Papers | VAMS Microsampling Technology

Over one hundred peer-reviewed publications validate compatibility of VAMS remote specimen technology with a variety of analytes, including biomarkers, DNA/RNA, drugs, metals, and more. 

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Review | Developing & Validating VAMS Methods

Independent groups developed bioanalytical LC/MS/MS methods using the Mitra® microsampler with VAMS. Get access to extraction methodologies, plasma correlation data, QC/standard prep, and more. 

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Tech Brief | Review of Mitra Extraction Methods For Immunoassays

Laboratories around the world are rapidly developing immunoassays for COVID-19. This mini-review looks at a number of papers detailing successful onboarding of Mitra® microsampling devices for a variety of analytes including immunoglobulins.

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E-guide | Patient-Friendly Remote Monitoring

This comprehensive guide explores a variety of case studies, scientific resources, and helpful guidelines on how to implement Mitra with VAMS blood collection in the field and the lab.

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News | University of Rochester Uses Mitra Home Collection Kits for Study

As researchers around the world race to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, UR CTSI Co-Director Martin Zand, M.D., Ph.D., is rapidly adapting previous research to develop a potential diagnostic test that would require just a few drops of blood to detect the fast-spreading disease.

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Research Paper | Application of VAMS to measure multidimensional anti-influenza IgG antibodies by the mPlex-Flu assay

This study successfully measures immunity for up to 33 strains of influenza virus. Twenty-one healthy volunteers were used to evaluate the feasibility of combining the benefits of at-home patient-centric sampling, with the mPlex-Flu assay.

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News | 1,000 North Carolina Patients Will Get an Antibody Test to See if They’ve Had Coronavirus

Wake Forest Baptist Health will begin a year-long random sample of its patients looking for coronavirus antibodies, an attempt to get a sense of how widespread the virus is and was in North Carolina. Neoteryx blood collection kits will be used in the study to sample 300 people in each of 40 counties — 20 served by Wake Forest Baptist Health and 20 served by Atrium — to build a large enough population.

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Webinar | Application of VAMS to measure Flu antibodies by the mPlex-Flu assay

Neoteryx’s Technical Director highlights the study details of the paper: Wang J, et. al (2019) Application of VAMS to measure multidimensional anti-influenza IgG antibodies by the mPlex-Flu assay. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science, 3: 332–343.


Patient Care (UK) | Nottingham University Hospital (NHS) Offers CountOnMe for Transplant Patients

CountOnMe® is a special program that provides young patients an at-home blood collection kit using a finger-prick method and Mitra® microsampler from Neoteryx. If your child is a stable transplant patient, and you live in the UK, you may be able to do at-home blood collection to check creatinine and tacrolimus level. 

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Video | The Promise of Remote Sampling for Monitoring Viral Pathogens


Patient Care (US) | Exagen Diagnostics Offers Avise MTX Touch for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

AVISE® MTX provides accurate measurement of active methotrexate (MTX) metabolites and MTXPGs to help physicians assess their patients' drug exposure and adjust treatment as needed. With the novel AVISE Touch capillary blood collection method using Neoteryx technology, venipuncture blood draws are eliminated.

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Study Enrolling | Phosphorous Labs 

Phosphorous is currently enrolling research participants in its study focused on validation of at-home collection of blood samples that will be sent back to the lab and used for the diagnosis of COVID-19 Infection via RT-qPCR and serum antibodies.

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Webinar | Blood Collected on a VAMS Device for Monitoring HCQ 

Neoteryx’s Technical Director highlights the study details of the paper: Qu. Y, et. al (2017) Capillary Blood Collected on a Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS) Device for Monitoring Hydroxychloroquine in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 140: 334–341.


Blog | Cytokines As Predictive Biomarkers of Severe COVID-19: Could At-Home Sampling Be Helpful?

Blood flowing through vein in blue

It is thought that inflammation and cytokines play a role in COVID-19 illness, and our understanding of this will inform how we can treat COVID-19 patients.

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The Mitra Microsampler
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This easy-to-use format has two sampling devices, includes barcoding, and is enclosed in a specimen bag for convenient transport.



This low-budget blood collection format works well for pilot studies, proof-of-concept testing, and clinical research with limited funding.



The 96-autorack enables high throughput sample processing for liquid extractions, analytical method development, and setting up QCs/Calibrators.


Collection Kits

The Clamshell and Cartridge Mitra formats are available packaged in collection kits that include instructions, lancets, and other supplies. Kits can be customized to your needs.

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