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VAMS™: A New Sampling Concept is Born

A chat between Dr. James Rudge (Phenomenex) and Dr. Neil Spooner (GlaxoSmithKline) turns into a brainstorm - how can we solve for the limitations of Dried Blood Spot (DBS) cards?


Phenomenex Initiates Microsampling Incubator

Seeing the market potential for a next generation dried blood microsampling technology, Phenomenex invests in a Research & Development incubator to facilitate its development.

2010 - 2011

VAMS Technology Validated by Pharmaceutical Consortium

Devices based on volumetric absorptive microsampling (VAMS) are thoroughly tested by five leading pharmaceutical organizations validating that they collect fixed volumes of blood, in a simple manner, while eliminating the volumetric hematocrit bias associated with DBS cards.

january 2011

Inception of Neoteryx LLC

Due to the overwhelming success of the 10 µL Mitra device, a new company - Neoteryx - is spun off from Phenomenex to focus solely on developing, manufacturing, and selling novel microsampling devices based on VAMS technology.

July 2014

First VAMS Manuscript Published

The ACS Journal of Analytical Chemistry, courtesy of Dr. Neil Spooner and Phil Dennif, gives VAMS its first taste of publicized third-party testament, with much more to come.

10 µL Mitra® Microsampling Device Officially Launched

VAMS technology, branded as the Mitra device, sees its commercial release in the 10 µL Clamshell format as a research use only device.

August 2014

New Format Release Faciliates Mass Processing of Microsamples Per Day

With the release of the 96-Rack Format, Neoteryx enters the realm of dried blood specimen automation. Now, labs can process hundreds or thousands of samples per day with standard liquid handling robotics.

February 2015

Mitra Microsampling Device Achieves CE-IVD Status

As a CE-IVD registered device, Neoteryx is prepared to introduce the in vitro diagnostic European market to next generation dried blood collection and transportation.

August 2015

Launch of Mitra Device in Cartridge Format Facilitates Easy, Unassisted Sampling

The introduction of the ergonomic Cartridge format positions Mitra devices as a go-to solution for sampling outside the clinic by user themselves.

November 2015

Neoteryx Wins R&D 100 Award for Innovative Mitra Microsampling Device

This award is a testament to the tenacity and diligence of the Research & Development team that helped make VAMS a reality and one of the most technologically significant innovations of 2015.

december 2015

FDA Class 1 Exempt Medical Device Registration of Mitra Microsampler

The Mitra microsampler is listed as an FDA Class 1 exempt medical device (D254936).

january 2016

Mitra Device Portfolio Expands to Include 20 µL Devices

Responding to customer demand for a higher-volume specimen, Neoteryx releases 20 µL Mitra microsamplers to join the 10 µL devices launched in 2014.

may 2016

AVISE® Touch, by Exagen Diagnostics, Empowers Patients Treated for Rhuematic Diseases

Exagen Diagnostics changes the lanscape of rheumatology by launching a non‐invasive blood collection method that helps physicians and their patients monitor exposure levels to potentially toxic drugs from a single drop of blood.

febuary 2017

Charles River Laboratories Releases the HemaTip™

Charles River Labs introduces its HemaTip™ product, based on VAMS technology, to transform the world of Serology Testing.

april 2017

Microsampling Pioneers Apply VAMS Technology in the Field

Pioneers such as Quest Diagnostics explore applications for VAMS in the realm of health and wellness.

june 2017

Calculator Simulates Cost Savings in Clinical Trials When Using Mitra Devices

In a spirit of transparency, Neoteryx releases a beta version of the Cost Calculator For Clinical Trials. Now it is easy to see how VAMS technology implementation may reduce clinical trial costs.

august 2017

Neoteryx Expands Operational Footprint

To keep pace with demand, Neoteryx expands its operations and facilities, opening a third building on its campus in Torrance, California.

November 2017

Mayo Clinic Research Shows Patients Prefer Collecting Samples at Home

New research from the Mayo Clinic, presented at MSACL 2018 in Palm Springs (Califonia), indicates that it's Therapeutic Drug Monitoring patients strongly prefer this new sampling solution over older methods.

january 2018

VAMS Sees its 40th Third-Party Journal Publication

In a whirlwind of industry acclaim, more and more scientists and researchers are publishing about VAMS technology and their potential cost-saving and life-changing applications for it.

May 2018

Launch of 30 µL Mitra Device

With the release of the 30 µL tips, users of Mitra devices now have more blood to facilitate their detection of analytes with low blood concentrations and to multiplex analyses from one sampler tip.

June 2018