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VAMS Blood Sampling | Preclinical Application

Reduce the number of animals by sevenfold and break free from the familiar "one mouse, one time-point" study design.  Sample at multiple time points from the same animal helping eliminating inter-animal variability.  The VAMS collection method facilitates consistent, quantitative rat tail vein blood collection, every time. Reduce costs without sacrificing data quality.

  • R&D Poster: A comparison of conventional vs microsampling methodologies for in vivo pharmacokinetic studies in rodents
  • Presentation: Microsampling or not? A comparison of sampling techniques in rats
  • App Note: A Comparison of Conventional vs. Microsampling Methodologies for In Vivo Pharmacokinetic Studies in Mice
  • R&D Poster: Large Molecule Application of Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling for the determination of a single-rodent PK profile for Exenatide by LC-MS/MS
  • App Note: Evaluation of the Mitra™ Microsampling Device for In Vivo Pharmacokinetic Studies