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Preclinical animal research is a necessity for the development of life-saving medicines. Microsampling technology offers several advantages for PK/PD, toxicity and efficacy studies, such as decreased costs and improved data quality.


Hoping to humanize your animal studies? Achieving the 3Rs of animal research just got easier! This VAMS™ resource compilation includes case studies that provide details about the ability of microsampling technology to deliver:  

  • Sevenfold reduction in animal usage in research studies 
  • A pharmacokinetic (PK) profile from a single animal
  • Consistent, robust collection of 10 µL blood samples
  • Data that bridges to the plasma gold standard

Compared to wet blood collection from rodents and other laboratory animals, dried blood microsampling is simpler, more ethical, more economical, and more effective.

  • Significantly reduce animal usage and comply with the 3Rs
  • Generate cleaner data due to reduced animal stress
  • Improve data consistency by reducing inter-animal variability
  • Eliminate dependence on satellite populations
  • Eliminate steps, processing, and equipment without sacrificing data quality

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Save Time, Save Labor, Promote The 3Rs

Easy to Use

A less stressful animal experience helps preserve the integrity of the data, and abiding by animal research ethics is less stressful for staff, too.


Microsampling eliminates the need for mouse blood collection tubes, clips, and other equipment. Simplify collection and your entire workflow.

Reduce / Refine / Replace

Mitra microsampling promotes the ethical reduction of animals used in research and refines blood collection from animals.