reduce animal usage in preclinical research by up to sevenfold


Your ethical, scientific, and financial advantage.


Preclinical animal research is a necessity for the development of life saving medicines. Microsampling technology offers several advantages  for PK/PD, toxicity and efficacy studies such as decreased costs and improved data quality.


This VAMS™ resource compilation includes case studies that go into detail about the ability of the technology to deliver:  

  • Seven fold reduction in animal usage in research studies 
  • A pharmacokinetic (PK) profile from a single animal
  • Consistent, robust collection of 10 µL blood samples
  • Data that bridges to the plasma gold standard

Compared to wet blood collection from rodents, dried blood microsampling is simpler, more economical, and more effective.

  • Significantly reduce animal usage and comply with the 3Rs
  • Generate cleaner data due to reduced animal stress
  • Improve data consistency by reducing inter-animal variability
  • Eliminate dependence on satellite populations
  • Eliminate steps, processing, and equipment without sacrificing data quality

Save Time, Save Labor, Promote The 3Rs

Easy to Use

A less stressful animal experience helps preserve the integrity of the data - and it's less stressful for staff, too.


Microsampling eliminates the need for tubes, clips, and other equipment. When you simplify collection, you simplify your entire workflow.

Reduce / Refine

Mitra microsampling promotes the reduction of animals used in research and refines the process of collecting blood from animals.