Process Hundreds or Thousands of Mitra Microsamples Per Day

Mitra® microsampling technology is easily amenable to automation. You'll drive efficiency and growth as you process hundreds or thousands of dried blood specimens, at factory scale, with equipment that fits right on your workbench.

With our lab-facing Mitra automation solutions, you can move up 96 samplers at a time and extract all samples together for optimum assay precision. Achieve quicker turnarounds, at a fraction of the labor cost. Extraction automation has never been faster, easier, or more convenient.

  • 75% faster than an eight-channel pipette with significantly reduced risk of errors
  • Process samples offline, ad hoc, without disrupting workflow
  • Create, save, and share custom programs in a few quick steps
  • Get data faster when your decisions depend on it
  • Be prepared for growth with ideal support for future microsampling assays

With one day of training, you’ve reduced workload, cut systemic errors, and work faster and smarter. That’s the promise of microsampling automation, delivered.

Extraction methodology is compound-specific. The Microsampling Specialists at Neoteryx are available with any help and guidance you need.

graphic link to our examination of extraction methods for antiepileptics